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Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion
love is like a little boat upon the sea
hey everyone. Im leaving in a couple hours to go to Atlanta, and then im off to camp tomorrow. So this is probably going to be my last post untill August. I know, sad. But its not like i wouldve posted that much anyway. Im gonna be having a great time at ramah, but you can make ir even better by sending me a letter at:

Deborah A
Bunk 7
Camp Ramah Darom
70 Darom Lane
Clayton GA 30525
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alright. there is NO error. right?

Body: find the error

did you known that 80% of Stanford students could not find the error in the alphabet above. Repost this with the title Find the Error, and when you click post the answer will show up
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Its an otter. its kinda cute compared to the others....

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highly amusing crap about HPCollapse )
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so much for my band trip to six flags.....

after about 2 hours of driving, the bus just...stopped.

the adults went outside and got it running again.

we went to a gas station...stayed there for about an hour.

No one knew what the problem was, and they didnt want to risk going all the way to six flags.

so we turned around, and came back home, stopping about 8 more times on the way back.

fun trip, right?

so basically, we took a fieldtrip to a gas station. and it wasnt even a nice gas station. it was run down and nasty.

i woke up at 4:00 am for nothing.

im going back to bed.......
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Happy 16th Birthday Emma Watson!
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(couldnt figure out how to put them in the same post)

notice how all the "yups" changes to "yes", and how most of the "idk's" went away

same quiz thingy taken 4/6/06Collapse )
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quiz thingy that i took almost exactly a year ago.Collapse )
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1. yourself: bored

2. your lover: non-existant

3. your hair: brown

4. your mother: loving

5. your father: loving

6. your favorite item: computer

7. your dream last night: non-existant

8. your favorite drink: juicy-juice

9. your dream house: magnificant

10. the room you are in: office

11. your pet: dog

12. who you are now: deborah

13. who do you want to be in ten years: deborah

14. what you want to be in ten years: happy

15. what you're not: quiet

16. your best friend: many

17. one of your wishlist items: money

18. your gender: female

19. the last thing you did: type

20. what you are wearing: clothes

21. your favorite weather: 65

22. your favorite book: HP

23. the last thing you ate: saled

24. your life: amazing

25. your mood: bored
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix's official release date is Friday, July 13th, 2007!!!!!
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