April 6th, 2006

(no subject)

1. yourself: bored

2. your lover: non-existant

3. your hair: brown

4. your mother: loving

5. your father: loving

6. your favorite item: computer

7. your dream last night: non-existant

8. your favorite drink: juicy-juice

9. your dream house: magnificant

10. the room you are in: office

11. your pet: dog

12. who you are now: deborah

13. who do you want to be in ten years: deborah

14. what you want to be in ten years: happy

15. what you're not: quiet

16. your best friend: many

17. one of your wishlist items: money

18. your gender: female

19. the last thing you did: type

20. what you are wearing: clothes

21. your favorite weather: 65

22. your favorite book: HP

23. the last thing you ate: saled

24. your life: amazing

25. your mood: bored