Deborah (yellowducks231) wrote,

In the last 24 hours have you..

Cried? no
Hugged someone? yup
Kissed someone? no
Lied? Yup
Snuck out of your house? no
Laughed really hard? yes
Gotten sick? no
Hung out with a friend? yah
Got your feelings hurt? nope

Been lied to? i dont think so

Orange: What Would You Do..
If you saw someone shoplift?stranger: tell the person in the shop
If a loved one died? cry 'till my face is blue
If a friend lied to you? um.....depends what kind of lie
If your GF // BF were cheating on you? kill.....

If something really embarrassing happened to you? laugh and pretend it didnt happen
If someone isulted you: igive them a better insult
If you found out a teacher at your school was a drug dealer: keep it to myself....OF COURSE ID TELL PEOPLE

If you found out someone in your family was stealing stuff from someone else in your family? tell the victom
If you found out your Dad was on Viagra? um, ewwwwwwwww
If something really bad happened to sliced your finger off or something else? sob......

Yellow: Your Emotions..
Do you tend to cry a lot? not really
Are you really emotional? no, im emotional, but i wont cry at anything
Do you get really bad mood swings? nope
Do you tend to get annoyed easily? yea
What annoy's you the most? when friends betray me or my other friends
Do your feelings get hurt easily? yea
If another person said something mean about you, would it matter to you what they said? depends who and what they said. ( good answer sara. Im stealing it)

Does it bother you if people talk shit on you? um...yea

Does food change how you feel? nope
Have you ever cut // done drugs to feel better? of course not!

Green: Your Apperance..
Are you tall or short? inbetween. 5'4
What color hair do you have? black/brown
Do // have you died your hair? nope, unless it counts when sara died my hair bright red/pink! lol
What color eyes do you have? dark brown
Do you have glasses // contacts? nope
Do you want color contacts? maybe a lighter brown
Do you think your attractive? i dont think im that ugly, but im not gorgeous

Do other people think your attractive? dont know

If your a girl do you wear make up? // If your a guy, does it bother you when girls pile on make up? only sometimes,when i go to synogauge

What color looks best on you? reds, pinks

Blue: Your Social Life..
What group are you in at school? the normal "smart" ok group

How did you get into that clique? no clue.
Is there a group you wish you were in? no
Is there a clique your clique hates? posers and preps

What do you normally do on the weekends? sleep, read, shop
What do you normally do on school nights? online
Do you go on single dates // group dates? neither
What would you do for a first date? um....movies?
Do you go to parties? sometimes

What is your "Label"? ????????

Purple: You Wish..
If you had three wish's what would they be? no clue

Why would they be your wishes? idk
If you could give your best friend anything, what would it be? um..i dont have a best friend
Why would you give them that? no idea
What is your "Dream House"? huge, pool, mansion, tennis courts, new. you get the picture

What is your "Dream Car"? idk
What is your "Dream Life"? idk

What charateristics would your Perfect GF\wife // BF\Husband have? smart, funny, cute/hot, loves me

What would they look like? duh...i haven met him yet. im 12
Where would you live? no clue
Pink: Love
What characteristics do you look for in a GF // BF? funny,but a nice funny,and caring, honest, and yes, cute

Apperance wise, what are you attracted to? smile, and hair

Whats the nicest thing the opposite sex has done // said to you? held out my chair for me
Who broke your heart? [[if anyone]] no one

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