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Usual stuff!
1. Name: deborah
2. Age: 13
3. Birthday: July 8th
4. City you live in: tallahassee

1. Color: orange
2. Movie: ....GOF
3. Phrase: i have to pee
4. Song: Almost
5. Poem: Annabell Lee, by Edgar Aleen Poe
6. Shirt: idk. i guess my muggle one
7. Car: any hybrid really
8. Person: JKR
9. Team: MAO 2, lol
10. Number: 4

lets get serious!
1. What is your biggest fear? JK dying before the 7th book is written. (only kidding, dont attack me)
2. Who do you think you will marry? the man i love
3. How do you get through a bad day? by talking to my friends
4. When was the last time you cried? 3 weeks ago.....???
5. How many times a day do you drink water? um....just whenever i get thirsty
6. What did you want to be when you were little? someone that works with TAME monkeys
7. Who is one person you will never forget from high school? middle school- all my friends! ( arielle, sc, kathleen, charlene...)
8. How many kids do you want to have? What will you name them? 2 or 3. a girl and a guy, or two girls and a guy. dont know the names yet.
9. Have you ever been "in love" and with who? no. im 13
10.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? in college. sara- we will have finished high school
11.Where is one place in the world that you have never been? But want to go? Rome
12.Who is one of your teachers that you would nominate for a major award: past: Mrs.Oliveri, now, i guess Mrs.Brierton.

original questions!!
1. Do you like it when people stare at you? not at all
2. When was the last time you told someone you loved them? idk. my mom though
3. Have you ever used a road atlas? yeah
4. When was the last time you said the word sex? today
5. If you were locked in your house for a week and you could have one person with you...who would it be then? someone i know.....probably arielle. someone i dont know.....daniel radcliffe!!!!
6. What is the meaning of life to you? to live, and live well
7. Does the word "marriage" freak you out? nope
8. Have you graduated high school? When? no, but i will in 2010!!!
9. Whenever you have children down the road.. are you going to be strict? depends what my kida are like
10. How many times a day do you drink water? didnt i already answer that?

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hey everybody.

so we found out MAO results today!!

i got a 40! BIP!

Im excited cause it was really hard!

anyway.....yeah. im watching mean girls right now, i bought it at samgoody today.


im gonna go study for math exam. bye.

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ok....so i told Ms.Kennedy about my decision.

not my favorite moment.

she was like " I dont see why you are blowing all-district off to go to a sleepover with your friends."
so i said sorry, and she said" dont say sorry to me, say it to yourself, for depriving yourself of this great oppertunity."

then later, after section rehersal, she came up to me and said, " I know that it didnt seem like i was that dissapointed in you before, but I really am."

"Its a lot harder to get in if you are in highschool.....you have to do all 12 scales in under 2 minutes. You probably wont make it in 9th grade, but you might in tenth."

then she asked me if this was really the decision i wanted to make. and i said yes.

i have no idea what she is trying to do. Ive thought about it more then I should have, and i made my decision.

i just hope she doesnt, like, hate me because of it. I can actually see her doing that though. or whats even worse, just staying dissapointed in me. I hate when people do that. grrrr.....stupid date planners

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ok....im bored to death. no one is online, no one has commented in my journal, no one has called, no one has emailed me. except for Char, but it was just to join this stupid website, which i did. it amused me for aboout 10 min. yeah. im not used to being home all day by myself. Ive been home since 2:15. and now its 7:10. 5 whole hoours of doing nothing, except fanfiction, and other boring stuff on the computer. i need human contact. so please, comment,call, or SOMETHING.

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ok, so all-district band is on the same day as the Palm Harbor overnight MAO trip.

so i thought about it for a while, and i know the sensible thing is to go to band, because i worked so hard to get in, and there are lots of other MAO's to come.

BUT......Mrs.Kennedy MADE me try out. And even though i got in, it just doesnt sound like that much fun.

Think about it. All weekend, getting up early to practice clarinet ALL day, for two days straight. Only one of my friends is going.

OR- fun car ride with most of my friends, to Palm Harbor, bowling, eating out, staying up late with all my friends, going to an HOUR long math test, and then having fun on the trip back.

we only have to do math for an hour, and oh yeah, the study session at night. thats it.

the trip sounds like so much more fun.

im gonna feel bad though. Mrs.Kennedy said that she could call, and give away my chair.

but maybe someone else will get it who was really dissapointed that they didnt get in, and will have a lot of fun.

oh, and vivi, mom said that you were planning on coming- you can still come for a different weekend!!!

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hey everybody.

so, i went to choctaw today for the mao compitition.

yeah, so anyway, the test was kinda hard, but not THAT bad.

i got a 61, which was the highest from cobb, but still in 50th place overall.

i also got invited to the next one......


I cant believe I actually got Mr.Coleman to say sorry!!!!!!!!

when he handed my the paper with the invite on it, he said "sorry about this time."

I still think hes a huge jerk, for that, and for not inviting arielle and charlene. even if he does invite them later, i think it is incredibly rude to make them wait forever, and keep wondering if they are gonna be invited.

yeah.....overall, the day was fun, but i really wish that it was still the same people from last year. (aka, not alex).

oh, sorry arielle, i know that she is your friend, but i absolutly cannot stand her!!!!

she was really really annoying and loud on the trip.